Five Arguments Why SMBs Should Definitely Love the Cloud

by graileanu on January 29, 2011

cloudWhy would small and medium businesses love the cloud ?

First, because a cloud computing model is much cheaper than the standard, legacy approach. It is often used on the “pay as you go” approach. SMB don`t have to care about hardware, hosting or colocation, server installation and software updates. They benefit of an enormous IT infrastructure, when usual the low end segment of SMB  don`t even have enough IT resources. So cloud allows SMB to focus on the core operations instead of doing IT.

Second, the cloud model  is easy in use and implementation. Small businesses can`t use difficult manageable services like enterprises. The cloud, with its well integrated and easy to use services wins. When it comes to data migration and interoperability, SMBs have less legacy interfaces and applications to replace or integrate, so it is a much less painful process.

Furthemore, cloud is highly scalable and elastic. It grants the ability to scale IT infrastructure very quick. Normally SMBs cannot scale as fast and efficiently as a public cloud provider does. Rather than buying more servers, software, or deploying additional sophisticated hardware infrastructure, the client can just add more power and capacity to expand their cloud computing and storage units. It is more manageable and convenient!

Cloud is highly secure. This includes topics such as data privacy and protection, application security, disaster recovery, backup, and identity management. A public cloud provider has the potential to be more secure than most businesses can deliver in their normal, legacy IT infrastructure. And they do.  Businesses  should trust them.

Cloud is eco-friendly. It is Green. The power usage is less in cloud so the environmental impact of both running and building data centers is less, as resources are used on demand. There is no need to support a lot of servers with processors using a small percentage of the compute or storage capacity, and in fact supporting capacity which is mostly idling.

Lot of power is saved annually by moving physical servers into a virtual, efficient cloud.

Cloud has the potential to completely replace legacy  IT infrastructure for businesses.  And we believe it will…

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