Neil Rackham – The Professor of Professional Selling

by graileanu on May 2, 2011

The event .

Neil presented three sales models :

  • transactional – convenient, strip cost, availability
  • consultative – problem solving, customization, create new value
  • enetprise – business process changes, create extraordinary value

The problem of the most sales forces is : too expensive to succeed transactionally but under-resourced and under-skilled to succeed consultatively.

The transactional sale :

  • the customer knows the solution without the help of a sales person
  • customer decision criterias are price and convenience
  • the sales person adds little or nothing

The consultative sale :

  • the customer doesn`t know the solution without the help of a sales person
  • customers demand expertise and advice during the sales process
  • customers insist on multiple meetings with salespeople and others
  • the salesperson often adds more value than the product or service !

The transactional sales process should be pushed to the other, cheap selling channels.

The SPIN Questions :

  • S – Situation – about facts, data, neutral
  • P – Problem – about dissatisfaction or difficulties, feelings and concerns
  • I – Implication – about consequences or problem effects, increasing seriousness of problems
  • N – Need-Payoff – about solutions and their value

The bad news :

  • “Talking brochures” are dead
  • it isn`t possible to mix transactional and consultative selling
  • most salespeople don`t have good questioning skills

Competencies for transactional sales (why not make marketing accountable for transactional sales ?)

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Trade shows
  • Multi-customer events
  • Call centers
  • Campaigns
  • Internet
  • Direct marketing

Marketing role in the transactional sales :

  • selecting the right opportunities
  • creating tools that help salespeople to add value – problem analysis tools, differentiating tools, risc reduction tools, pricing tools
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